Sunday, November 10, 2013

ACT RFS Task Force Assist in Blue Mountains Fire Emergency

On Thursday 17 October 2013 the ACT Rural Fire Service received a request for assistance from the NSW Rural Fire Service. 10 tankers and 4 command vehicles crewed by ACT RFS volunteers and Parks staff left Canberra for the Blue Mountains. Crews worked for 5 days undertaking a range of tasks before replacement crews arrived.

A great summary YouTube video by Martin Greenwood and Rob Gore is worth looking at here:

Photos below courtesy of Rob Gore, Dave Ingram, Chris Bowyer, Evaan Chadwick, Jamie Lankford, Terry Falkingham, Susanne Schmidt, Lil Cortese, Cameron Blaseotto, Martin Greenwood, Michael O'Neil and Fiona VanDeMade.

Crew Briefing

View from Glenbrook RAAF Base accomodation

NSW strike team commencing a back burn on bells line of road (Photo: Chris Bowyer)

Rivers 19 Crew keeps water up to the Huey (Photo: Chris Bowyer)

(Photo: Chris Bowyer)

(Photo: Chris Bowyer)

Cessnock Airbase (Photo: Dave Ingram)

(Photo: Dave Ingram)

Cessnock Airbase (Photo: Dave Ingram)

(Photo: Dave Ingram)

(Photo: Dave Ingram)

(Photo: Dave Ingram)

A Joe Blake (snake) slithering away from fire.

Glenbrook RAAF Base Accomodation (Photo: Jamie Lankford)

The view from Glenbrook RAAF Base Officers Mess (Photo: Evaan Chadwick).

Staging area for Taskforce Charlie & Delta on a Bells Line of Road (Photo: Evaan Chadwick)

Backburn at Mt Banks Sector (Photo: Evaan Chadwick).

RAAF brought in their firefighting vehicles from Richmond  (Photo: Evaan Chadwick)

Helicopter waterbombing video from Chris Bowyer click here:

Saturday, November 9, 2013

RAFT Crew On the Ball at Corn Trail Fire, near Batemans Bay, NSW

On 25, 26 and 27 October, 2013, an ACT RAFT crew assisted the NSW Rural Fire Service on the Corn Trail Fire, located at the top of the Clyde Mountain, near Batemans Bay, NSW.  The bush was very rugged and the fire was only accessible via helicopter. Many thanks to the RAFT crews for their professional efforts! Photos courtesy of Simon Demajo, Phil Hunt (Gun) and Terry Dwyer (Jerra).