Thursday, March 31, 2011

ACT Emergency Services Agency Inspects Enlarged Cotter Dam Project

Deputy Chief Officer Michael Joyce and Operations Officer Paul Simakoff-Ellims represented the ACTRFS at the site inspection conducted by the ACT ESA today.  From our previous posting when our Rivers RFS Brigade visited several months ago there has been some huge developments.

Deputy Chief Officer Michael Joyce

View from above shows the perspective of how large the new dam is compared to the old one.

3 giant cranes over 100 meters tall tower over the construction site.

ACTRFS Air Observer Refresher Over The Blue Mountains

The ACT air observers went on a refresher course earlier this month and took some great pictures of the rough terain over the Blue Mountains.

From a firefighting standpoint, this is NOT a great place to build your home.  Fantastic views though!!

A view along the fire trail of a very remote and rugged terrain in the Blue Mountains

A well maintained private landing strip.  As part of the exercise AOB's determined what level of fixed winged bomber operations could occur at this strip.

Waragamba Dam, Sydney's main water supply.  ACTRFS RAFT team were deployed to the west of this dam to assist NSW RFS in contolling a large blaze that threatened the dam a few years ago.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NSW RFS HQ & United Aero Visit at Camden Airport

Yesterday the HQ staff of the ACTRFS went for a visit and tour of the NSW RFS headquarters at Homebush.  Visiting our neighbouring counterparts was very interesting as well as seeing how their Emergency Control Centre works.

On the way back we visited United Aero who has the contract for the ACTRFS to provide the helicopters we use during bushfire season.

Chief Officer Andrew Stark at his old stomping grounds.

Inside the ECC at Homebush

The chopper that was on contract in the ACT is now 'packed' up ready to head back to Canada to start work over there.  It takes 12 hours to put the chopper back together after a 21 day sea freight.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ACTRFS HQ Staff In A Precarious Position

Like all jobs, at times we feel like we get ourselves into some pretty precarious positions.......and working at ACTRFS HQ is no exception!

Nicole Cobb, a/g Manager Community Education, & Amy McLenaghan, Executive Assistant, assisted with the Fire Brigade college earlier this week and got in to a tight fix. 

Amy trapped in the back of the vehicle.

Nicky pinned in the drivers seat.

Removal of the roof before getting Nicky out.

Nicky getting extracted from the vehicle on a board.

Once again, Nicky was the unfortunate driver in this scenario.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ACTRFS Hands Over $22,000 Cheque To the Leukaemia Foundation

The ACTRFS today handed over a cheque for $22,000 from the money Team ACTRFS made through the World's Greatest Shave. 

After a month of fundraising culminating in the 'Shave Off' on the 11th March, a giant cheque was presented to Marie Huttley-Jackson from the Leukaemia Foundation.

Marie Huttley-Jackson from the Leukaemia Foundation & Andrew Stark, ACTRFS Chief Officer

Marie from the Leukaemia Foundation explains what the funds will go towards.

The team from HQ at the presentation of the cheque.

Article in the Canberra Times on the Thursday 24th March

Thursday, March 17, 2011

ACTRFS Member Is Awarded With The Community Protection Medal

Outstanding service across ACT emergency services was recognised last Tuesday 15th March with a member from each of the emergency services receiving the Ministers Community Protection Medals. 

Rob Gore from the Jerrabomberra Brigade and also ACTRFS Group Officer was one of the recipients.


Rob has been a member of the ACT Rural Fire Service for 16 years.  During this time he spent five years as the Captain of the Jerrabomberra Volunteer Brigade, being elected as President of the Jerrabomberra Brigade last year.

Rob's skills and knowledge have recently been acknowledged through his appointment as one of four Group Officers in the ACT Rural Fire Service.  This role bring with it a considerable level of responsibility, making Rob a mentor to Rural Fire Service Officers in the field, while being available to take control of incidents should they escalate beyond the capability of the on-ground Incident Controller.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Team RFS Hits & Exceeds Goal At The Shave Off

Last Friday 11th March Team RFS got together for the 'Shave Off' 

Team RFS post shave with Marie from the Leukaemia Foundation & the Raiderettes who collected money on the night for us.  Team RFS was the highest fundraising group in the ACT with around $21,400 raised!

Simon Katz, President of the Rivers Brigade & Cassy Hancock the Rivers representative who took out the Battle Of The Brigades award for individually raising over $6,000!!  Cassy was also the highest individual fundraiser in the ACT!

Team Jenkins - Michelle was Gungahlins representative and did a fantastic job raising over $3,000 individually.  The whole family got in on the act to support Michelle.

Tom Long from Guises Creek flanked by the Raiderettes after his head shave.  Tom raised $1,170 for Team RFS    
The many stages of our Chief Officers shave off.  Amy Mclenaghan, Andrew's Executive Assistant, was very willing for the opportunity to shave off her bosses hair!
Cassy our winning representative from Rivers midway through her shave.                                    
Kate Fitzgerald from Jerrabomberra Brigade post getting her hair coloured.  Kate raised $1,227 for the Foundation.

Team RFS and Marie Huttley -Jackson from the Leukaemia Foundation.  Go Team RFS with over $21,400 raised!!

The Raiderette Gals giving us a helping hand collecting money on the night.  They did a great jobin assisting us collecting the cash.
One of the Raiderettes trying on the Captains helmet for size.

Jenkins clan plus Robert Selmes from Hall.

Group Officer John Jenkins and Robert Selmes from Hall who raised over $500 for Team RFS      

Robert Gore, Group Officer representative assisting fellow Group Officer Jenkins with a hat to keep his head warm.
Jenkins Junior supporting his mum Michelle by getting his head shaved.          
Jenkins Jr number two getting his head shaved to ensure that he looks like the rest of the family.       
Kate Fitzgerald (Jerrambomberra Brigade), Tony Corrigan (Southern Brigade) & Robert Gore (Group Officer) getting their heads shaved for Team RFS.
Chief Officer Andrew Stark addresses the crowd just prior to his head shave.  Andrew raised over $2,100 for the Foundation.
Michelle Jenkins representing the Gungahlin Brigade was our second highest fundraiser by raising over $3,100
Travys Mclean aka 'Uncle Fester' represented the Molongolo Brigade and raised over $2,000
Chris Dixon from Peter Blackshaw generously put up $1,000 for someone to shave their head on the night.
Chris Dixon (Peter Blackshaw), Marie Huttley-Jackson (Leukaemia Foundation) & young Master Corrigan who shaved his head on the spur of them moment to raise the extra $1,000 for Team RFS.
Thank you to all that participated, contributed and helped make Team RFS the number one fundraising group in the ACT.

*  Photo's courtesy of Gary Hooker.