Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 Open Day and Field Day Competition

On 26 October the ACT Rural Fire Service held its annual Open Day at the Hume Helibase alongside the Volunteer Brigades Association Field Day.

The Open Day provided an opportunity for the community to engage with fire safety messages at the start of the season while the Field Day put ACT and NSW teams to the test with a series of challenging exercises. The Michelago team from NSW RFS were the stand out team on the day. 

Know your fire danger ratings
Helitak 273 was available for a hands on demonstration
ACT Fire and Rescue as well as ACT Policing got into the spirit
The burn table demonstrated the benefits of a well prepared home
The burn table also demonstrated the risks of not preparing for fire season
A couple of squirts from the spray bottle demonstrates help from an RFS tanker
One of the many community engagement stands at the Helibase
Amongst the displays was a look back at the history of firefighting in the ACT

One of the Field Day teams during the Medium unit event

A captain from NSW RFS guides his crew through the slalom

Another crew takes part in a combined First Aid and Navigation exercise

Bullex were on hand to help the RFS demonstrate some live firefighting

A crew simulates an approach to a venting LPG tank

An ACT Parks and Conservation crew takes part in the Heavy Tanker event
A great turn out by NSW RFS at this years Open Day

Thanks to Emma Van Der Moezel for the above photos! 

Captain Dave Tunbridge, Molonglo Brigade, has also provided some more great photos of the days activities which are listed below.

Dave Wassall briefs crews about the days activities - Photo: Dave Tunbridge

Simon Katz gives a few more tips - Photo: Dave Tunbridge

Historic Tanker 112 - Photo: Dave Tunbridge

ACT RFS Chief Officer, Andrew Stark,  greets the helicopter crew Photo: Dave Tunbridge

Make sure that drum is full! Photo: Dave Tunbridge

Group Officer Pat "Grumpy" Barling keeps an eagle eye on whats happening - Photo: Dave Tunbridge 

A pumps and pumping drill - Photo: Dave Tunbridge 

Photo: Dave Tunbridge

The water goes into the drum - Photo: Dave Tunbridge

Wood chopping - assessing correct use of axe - Photo: Dave Tunbridge