Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First TOBAN of the season and the guys & gals of the ACTRFS ready and waiting.

With the first Total Fire Ban declared for the 2010/11 fire season many of the ACTRFS Brigades stood up at and around their sheds in case a fire broke out.  The winds remained strong throughout the day with a low humidity and high temperature created conditions that would mean that any fires that started had the potential to grow very quickly. 

The IMT was set up for the day on Tuesday - here members of the IMT have gathered for a briefing on the current weather conditions.

The Jerra crews killing time playing hand ball

Crews from Guises Creek floated between their airconditioned room and out back of their shed in the shade and breeze

The Rivers crews hung out at the front of their shed and then went mobile around the Cotter & Casuarina Sands area

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