Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Erikson Air-crane Visits Canberra

Yesterday ACTRFS HQ had a surprise visit from one of the Erikson Air-cranes whilst it was travelling from Sydney to Melbourne.....considering the chopper uses 2,080 litres per hour it is not surprising it has to refuel frequently!   Some interesting facts about the Erikson Air-cranes below:

The minimum depth required for the snorkel operation is 0.5 metres and a clearance diameter of 60 meters around the water source is required to allow safe access.  The filling system has the ability to draw 9.000 litres in 40 seconds.

Air Crane Helitanker Facts:Maximum Speed 100 Knots
Length 27.3 metres
Height 7.82 metres
Main Rotor Diameter 22.0 metres
Tank Capacity 9,000 litres
Hover Fill Time 40seconds
Fuel Consumption 2,080 litres per hour
Foam Capacity 290 litres

Chief Officer Andrew Stark discussing how the ACTRFS can get one permanently

Deputy Chief Office Michael Joyce in the pilots seat.

Amy checking out the view.

Nicky in the pilots seat

Andrew in the pilots seat checking out the chopper

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