Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stirling Ridge HR Burn

Sunday saw the completion of the hazard reduction burn at Stirling Ridge along with the practical assessment of our newest recruits to the ACTRFS.  From all accounts the burn was a great success as well as the basic firefighters completing and passing their assessments.

In this posting we were challenging our photographers to get more than just the usual fire & smoke shots but to capture it from different angles and well as the faces of the ACTRFS.

A keen bunch of new recruits ready for the day's activities (they weren't so happy after the rake hoe assessment!)

Gary Hooker seeing the light

One of our new recruits enjoying herself during the assessment

A different angle.

Amy McLenaghan learning the fine art of the use of a drip torch.

Ron Hughes & DCO Michael Joyce appear concerned about the goings on of the new recruits.

Deputy Chief Officer contemplating his next shot.

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  1. Joycey looks like he is off in a world of his own, actually!

    Nice shot though.