Saturday, January 7, 2012

ACTRFS at the Summernats

The ACTRFS was well represented at the Summernats this year. We had crews on hand to assist with the dampening down of the main arena, the helicopter joy flight area and the main competition area. From all accounts, everything has gone off really well.

The time spent at Summernats provided us with a great opportunity to promote the ACTRFS to the younger community. There were many shouts from the crowd for the crews to do burn-outs (which obviously wasn't possible), but they did enjoy the occasional demonstration of lights & sirens!

I think next year (subject to the fire danger) we can expect bigger and better things at Summernats.

Well done all, and particularly to Rohan Samara who took on the task of organising for us to attend. Roh is currently holidaying in Thailand so couldn't see the result of his efforts.

Here's a few very ordinary shots from my iphone - Mick Joyce DCO

Jamie Lankford with Lucas Tan hiding in the cabin!

The guys on Rivers 19 (middle of picture) enjoying the burnout action

Rivers 19 bulk water tanker with crew ready to keep the dust down at Summernats

MLO30 was kept busy on the main arena (this was obviously a quieter moment - Jamie telling us all about how many flatheads he caught down the coast while on holidays)

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