Sunday, March 18, 2012

ACTRFS Shave Team Hits Their $25k Target!

After a month of fundraising, the 10 brave ACT Rural Fire Service volunteers from 7 different brigades hit their huge target of $25,000 on the last day! 

With 10 days to go to the last group getting shaved, the team was apprehensive whether the target was too high, but with a huge push by the team, they raised $10k in 10 days!.

The Southsiders collage of before and after photo's.

The Northsiders collage of before and after photo's.

Roald from Rivers half way through his shave.

James from Guises busily collecting funds.

Beth loses her pony tail.......

Beth post shave with her pony tail.

The south siders with Tracey the hair stylist.
Simon from Gungahlin in the middle of the shave.

Rob during his shave.

Mick getting his head, beard and moustache shaved off!

Brave Michelle and her hubby doing it together.

We're thinking that Michelle a bit surprised when she reached for her hair.

Rohan looking on as the south siders lose their hair.

Rohan after his shave with Andrew Stark ACTRFS Chief Officer and Rivers supporters.


  1. To all the brave crew at RFS and the volunteer brigades that had their hair shaved and most of all, raised money for the Leaukemia Foundation, I'd like to say it was a sterling effort and wish there were more people that care as much as you do. Congratulations for reaching your target!!!

  2. awesome effort to all of you !!!!
    you all look great and i am sure there are many people appreciative of your efforts.