Friday, February 15, 2013

RFS staff visit the new Cotter Dam

Grant Morey from Rivers Brigade (who works as the safety officer at the new Cotter Dam site) invited RFS staff for a tour of the new dam so that we could update our maps and our local knowledge of the area now that the dam is nearing completion.

It was very impressive to see the dam close-up and to see the scale of the whole operation. Thanks Grant for an enjoyable tour.

Grant leads us down onto the top of the dam - it still has 5 mtrs to be added to the north & south ends

Looking back across the dam to the southern end

Looking to the northern end

The old Cotter Dam is dwarfed by the new one

Inside the dam there is a network of tunnels for maintenance and monitoring of the dam wall

Once you get o the bottom you get an idea of how big this thing is!

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