Saturday, September 28, 2013

Early Start to the ACT Bushfire Season - Kowen Forest and Castle Hill Fires

ACT Rural Fire Service crews today attended several fires during gusty winds periods, including fires located at Kowen Forest, near Queanbeyan and another near Castle Hill, located along Tidbinbilla Rd.

The Kowen fire was approx 1 hectare in size, and the crews worked really hard under very difficult conditions, particularly with winds gusting to around 40kmh plus at times.

Kowen Forest fire being contained.

CASTLE HILL FIRE, Tidbinbilla Rd
Late in the afternoon, Rivers 20 and 30 crews called in a 'white' message to COMCEN when they spotted smoke in the distance in the direction of Booroomba Rocks and Tidbinbilla, ACT. 
Rivers, Southern, Tidbinbilla and Guises Creek units were subsequently responded to the fire following multiple 000 calls received from members of the public. The fire turned out to be a hazard reduction burn being undertaken by the property owner.
The strong winds whipped up a lot of smoke from paddocks which were still fairly green and wet and sent plumes of smoke up into the air.

Southern, Tidbinbilla, Rivers and Guises Creek crews mopping up along Tidbinbilla Rd in the lee of Castle Hill. 
The fire ran along the fence line.

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