Friday, January 3, 2014

Grassfire near Tuggeranong Pine Plantation

On Friday 3 Jan at approx 2:16pm, a man was driving along the Monaro Highway when a mechanical fault sparked a fire in the car engine. Sparks from the car fire then started a small grassfire near Tuggeranong Pine Plantation. Eight ACT Rural Fire Service crews and 3 ACT Fire and Rescue crews and a commander contained and extinguished the fire. The fire was approx 2 Hectares in size and was blacked out by about 6pm. (Photos courtesy of Mitch Rodway, Garry Mayo and Gary Hooker).

Some additional photos of our Fire & Rescue colleagues at work have been provided by RFS Facebook page follower William Cocks.

The car fire on the Monaro Highway, near Tuggeranong Pine Plantation which started the bushfire.

The grassfire was running pretty fast when the first crews arrived - see video clip here.  The first priority was to whip around and secure the perimeter of the fire and put out any spot fires.

Once the perimeter of the fire was contained, then the mopping up process was able to commence.

A Parks crew blacking out from the outside to inside of the fire.
Mitch Rodway, Lauren Frett and Brennan Blaseotto mopping up.

More mopping up.

Garry Mayo and Braydon Reid putting out a smoker.

A lot of hoses were rolled out to get into the hotspots.

Jerra 10 crew apply special  fire retardant foam to trees.

Mopping up is nearly completed, just a few smokers left.

Alan Ashman, Brennan Blaseotto, Mitch Rodway and Lauren Flett,  GCRK 10 tanker crew looking a bit black after rolling up hoses.
Braydon Reid and Garry Mayo filling up the tanker from a fire hydrant located at the intersection of Johnson Drive and Clift Crescent, Richardson.
The end of the mop up - it all looks good.

Photo: William Cocks

Photo: William Cocks

Photo: William Cocks

Photo: William Cocks

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