Sunday, February 2, 2014

Portugese National Authority of Civil Protection visit to ACT RFS

Mr JOSE MOURA (National Commander for Relief Operations) and Mr MIGUEL CRUZ, (National Operations Assistant) of the National Authority of Civil Protection (NACP), Portugal during their visit to the ACT RFS between Friday 17 January 2014 and Thursday 23rd January 2014

Their visit was to study the techniques and operational issues in bushfire management in the ACT. Whilst here they:

  • Met with volunteer ACTRFS members on Station around the ACT; 
  • Viewed equipment facilities and arrangements;
  • Toured the ESA Emergency Management Facility at Fairbairn; 
  • Met with key ESA Staff including the Risk Manager, Media Manager, ACTRFS Managers and were provided with an overview of the bushfire management issues in the ACT; 
  • Attended the Portuguese Embassy; 
  • Visited Federal Attorney General’s Department (Emergency Management Capability Development Branch and Crisis Co-ordination Centre); 
  • Attended the Tumut bushfire; Visited the CSIRO Bushfire Research Facility; and 
  • Viewed high bushfire risk areas of the ACT .

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