Saturday, May 31, 2014

651 Years of Combined Service - Awards Ceremony 2014

On 27 May, 2014, the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, presented firefighters with the ACT Rural Fire Service a series of long service medals and other awards at a special ceremony held at the Australian War Memorial.

33 members in the ACTRFS received long service medals for the years of work as volunteers or with the Parks Brigade in the Territory and Municipal Services Directorate. Collectively the 33 members share a combined 651 years of service to the Canberra community.

(Note: High resolution versions of these photos and all individual shots (not shown here) will be distributed on DVD to Brigades by RFS staff in the near future.) (Photos: Gary Hooker).

50 Years Service - Mrs Dorothy Jeffrey:

Dorothy Jeffrey receives her 50 Years of Service award
Simon Corbell congratulates Dorothy Jeffrey for her  amazing service
Dorothy Jeffrey - 50 years of Service

30 Years Service - Simon Katz:

Minister Simon Corbell, Simon Katz, Andrew Stark Chief Officer ACT RFS, Dominic Lane, ESA Commissioner

20 Years Service:

20 Years of Service to the ACT Community

10 Years of Service:

10 Years of Services to the ACT Community

Chief Officer's Commendation for Diligent Service:

Brett Vey was considered to be the most diligent member of Molonglo Brigade. Brett was recognised for his commitment to the Brigade, his leading role in training and activities and for being a mentor within the Brigade.

Simon Corbell, Brett Vey and Andrew Stark

Angus McDonald was considered to be the most diligent member of Hall Brigade.  Angus was recognised for his role as head of the training team, promoting the Brigade in the Hall community and also in the surrounding communities.

Simon Corbell, Angus McDonald and Andrew Stark

Chief Officer's Commendation for Exemplary Service:

The Training Group were recognised for their passion and dedication to training, providing quality training beyond expectations and for their commitment in overcoming various challenges. The Training Group members include Paul Murphy, Keith Brown, Ian Harding, Dave Wassall, Patrick Barling, Ben Ribbons, Nicola Lewis, Andrew Maruskanic, Rob Gore, John Jenkins, Simon Butt and Peter Beutel.

Training Group Award Recipients

Chris Bowyer and Andrew Harrold were recognised for their hard work and commitment to the construction of a new facility and landscape at the Rivers Rural Fire Brigade shed.

Simon Corbell, Chris Bowyer, Andrew Harrold and Andrew Stark

Garry Mayo was recognised for his dependability and reliability for operational duty and his outstanding commitment as a member of the Guises Creek Brigade. He was also recognised for his contribution to preserving history for the 25th anniversary of the Guises Creek Rural Fire Brigade.

Simon Corbell, Garry Mayo and Andrew Stark

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