Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Caption Competition

The team at the ACTRFS used Facebook for their first caption competition.  Below is a picture of the winning caption chosen by the judges along with the various entries.

a)    Seriously!!!! It was THIS big!!!!!
b)   Your kidding your really in charge ??? holy crap
c)    You call that a fire
d) ‎   "Charnwood? Let it burn!"
e)    Were is the SES with our scones and tea?
f)     I'm being serious guys, is it okay that im wearing white after labour day?"
g)    You want me to do what with a rake hoe?
h)    Ok Rick, let me explain the fire square again. If you remove one or more of the following four sides,  
       Heat, Fuel, Oxygen or the dude in the Red Helmet, we can get this fire out !!!
i)     No...I really am busting!
j)     hahahahahah 2 piece concept, what is that?
k)    I'm not doing a dam thing until someone gives back my TimTams" said Robert
l)     Someone just found out who is running the show...
m)   Here, pull my finger... forget about it, I'll just have to do it myself.
n)    Hey, either of you guys got the keys for this thing?
o)    Sounds like just another one of your tall fishing tales to me mate!

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